Going along with evil empowers it. Beyoncé pushed the lie about Ferguson into the homes of Americans and until she gets it right it’s time to stop buying her music. Same for watching the Grammy’s, one of the Liberals most visible anti-American organizations. Their support for fraudulent Al Sharpton’s Ferguson Lies about a common street thug who got killed trying to kill a police officer is going too far. Americans who watched the Grammy’s were mistreated to a false spectacle based on a lie. In fact the idea of “Hands Up” would have saved Michael Brown who would be alive if he had simply put his hands up.

The whole concept of the “hands up, don’t shoot,” “black lives matter,” and “I can’t breathe” protests are to illustrate the burden of black Americans who are allegedly victimized because of their skin color when blacks know dropping out of school; getting free welfare money, free cellphones and free medical care has destroyed the self-reliant black citizen. Beyoncé perhaps unwittingly, is playing into the white stereotype of the black community as powerless when she is just the opposite. A very powerful black woman in a supposedly hostile white culture.

Beyoncé needs to stop appeasing the affirmative action guru’s. She’s not the product of affirmative action. She’s proof it’s not needed. So is Kanye West, a 37 year old man with the self control of a 5 year old. When Black Entertainers who have benefitted immensely from the money white fans; from money voluntarily spent for their music which got them out of the ghettos turn on their benefactors they need to get a wake-up call from the truth. Indeed they protest against the foundations that freed them. They are not examples of poor victimized blacks. Neither is President Obama who still thinks he’s a victim.

Imagine a King claiming he’s poor. Or a Pope who opposes religion. That’s Beyoncé opposing America and Americans while collecting scads of money from her belligerent hate of her white fans. Why? Why does she not get it? Why is Beyoncé unable to stand up to the fury of her black brethren? Why do the brethren get it so wrong? Can they not figure it out?

Supporting Evil is worse than the evil itself. Beyoncé supporting the lie that blacks are victims is supporting evil. She’s taking money under false pretenses and those who support her are also doing great harm by giving money to an anti-police agitator.

These people need to join the human race.

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