For certain she’s the victim of a political witch hunt. The local Republican DA refused to prosecute her so the Democrat State Attorney General is doing it. Even the local newspaper, the Courier Times is piling on. Their “reporters” aka. “distorters”, “interviewed” Democrat defense attorneys. Why not interview some attorneys who have no political aspirations? Answer: because that would not help Claire Risoldi. It’s a witch hunt buttercup.

There’s the distorted reports about how much money they got. That’s like listing the sales but not the profit to prove how much money the business makes. It’s a distortion to print the insurance proceeds without listing the loss or the replacement costs. A fire is not 100% profitable to the insured because the money has to be spent to fix the damage. In addition the value of say a fur coat is not the cost of the coat. It’s the replacement cost plus the time, trouble and effort needed to interrupt one’s life to shop for the coat. Same for jewelry. The $10,000 gold necklace from Mykonos in 1972 is irreplaceable. It cannot be duplicated exactly and a replacement design would easily cost $100,000 today.

Add in the carpets, the paintings, the smoke damage, the furniture and the thousands of little items and it becomes obvious that the cost to repair the damage to the property is much more than the cost of clean-up and the replacement and painting of some wall board.

The insurance company, AIG was mentioned, is not a cut and dry payment for the loss. Anyone who has dealt with an insurance company knows that they almost become adversaries before agreeing on the value of the payment. In the meantime living in another, smaller home even if it’s another mansion, is a severe interruption of the lives of the insured. In the case of the Risoldi’s the political value of their mansion and their lives is destroyed and insurance doesn’t pay for intangibles.

How many important elected officials benefited from the Risoldi’s and their time, effort and money? Search the internet and find literally hundreds, perhaps thousands over the many years the Risoldi’s gave of their time, effort and money. That’ not insured. It’s probably not even insurable by Lloyds of London.

There’s the damage to the Republican Party who in the minds of it’s enemies is being distorted for political purposes. The insurance companies won’t pay for that. How much does it mean to the next Republican Congressman, Representatives, Senator’s, governors and even the next Republican Presidential candidate for a source of political money to evaporate?

Also note that the prosecuting attorney’s work for one of the, “probably” corrupt State Attorney Generals in a State well known for political corruption. The capability of a “perhaps dirty prosecutor” is an issue as well as the extremely remote possibility that a political rainmaker can get an unbiased prosecutor, judge and jury in a state heavy under the weight of sleaze, bribery and political fraud.

So a $21 million payment from three fires in a mansion that’s larger and more grand than some palaces in Europe is not the size of the alleged profit, even if it’s provable that there was some profit. But everyone knows that a home owners insurance policy cost’s money to buy and tha the insurance company depreciates the items insured so even when they pay a claim the money isn’t quite enough to repair or replace the lost property. So we all know the back-story when we are told about insurance claims like those to the Risoldi’s. It’s FAKE NEWS all over again. Don’t be fooled and if you’ve already been fooled, don’t be fooled again. 

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