PA is the only state that has successfully kept most political challengers off the ballot by fining people who try to answer a ballot challenge according to a letter to the Editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer written by Oliver Hall, lawyer for Ralph Nader. Nader was fined $80,000 by a Commonwealth court judge for trying to respond to a political lawsuit designed to keep him off the ballot in 2004. Two years later Carl Romanelli and his lawyer were ordered by retired Judge Kelly to pay $85,000.00 to the law firm hired by the Democrats to keep him off the ballot. I attended the circus orchestrated by Judge Kelly and found massive errors and corruption in the database used to disqualify people who legally signed Romanelli’s petitions. Kelly removed over 50,000 petition signers but we found as many as 85% of those signers were legitimate.

The incredible success keeping a national figure, Ralph Nader from running in a political race is preposterous and is a road map to the unique Corrupt Practices in PA. Worse than the legendary Tamminy Hall, Chicago politics and Rod Blagojevich. PA Politics is an American disgrace.

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