It’s a fact of life that some things are better left unsaid. Like when you want to pull the military out of a war. The Terrorists are evil, not stupid. Once Obama announced when the military would leave they hid and waited for the military to leave then took over the country. How hard is this stuff?

General Daniel Bolger wrote that in a book: “Why We Lost”. Obama doesn’t like lots of things and one is the military. He never served. He has the mind-set of a cunning antagonist but he’s no warrior and wars are only won by warriors. America’s warriors won in Vietnam but the politicians lost their will to win. Same for Afghanistan and Iraq. This President doesn’t like to fight unless he knows in advance he will win. In Afghanistan and Iraq he never came up with the look of winning so he didn’t have winning as an objective. Obama simply wanted to take America down a few pegs so he was never on board with winning the War on Terror.

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