All knowledge is included in Philosophy. A correct philosophy however may be difficult to identify because there are competing philosophies and they cannot all be correct.

Metaphysics is the broadest field of philosophy. Very simply, it includes everything. Everything means everything that exists right now; everything that will exist in the future and everything that existed in the past. There are two general theories. First is the Supernatural which is first because that’s the dominant view. Most people not only accept the idea of the supernatural, they live their lives according to belief systems that support it.

The other view is that there is only reality. That’s the way people actually live their lives because there’s no other way to do it. To live people must breathe. Stop breathing and the body dies. People must eat. Stop eating and people die. Simple, right? No, the supernaturalists won’t agree. They believe in other states of existence. They oppose reality and thereby become enemies of life.

The second field of Philosophy is Epistemology. A big word that means the way you think. Like Metaphysics there are two ideas. The dominant idea is the most complicated because it’s the most popular but difficult to pin down. There seem to be loads of ways people think but there’s only one way to think correctly. Use Reason. All the other Epistemological ideas are against Reason. From people who “blank out” to people who needlessly overcomplicate the way to think, it’s either Reason or wrong. Friend or foe of Reason. People against Reason are the enemies of human life.
Philosophy has many other branches like science, law, art, politics but there are only the above two basic branches. Get either one wrong and the other branches will be wrong too.

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