George W. and Mitt are gone. Jeb has been driven into the cellar, maybe the woodshed where he will get some well-deserved whoop-ass for slowing things down. Establishment Republicans: Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum even Rudy Giuliani lost ground to the new-comers, -Trump, Fiorina and Carson. The Republican mavens are in shock. Their party doesn’t matter to the voters. Now Donald John Trump is in charge. What can the establishment do?
NOTHING. The Republican Party, like the Democratic Party has lost control of the voters. The parties deserve what they get because they have prostituted themselves, ignored the voters, increased the size and scope of government, ..which gives more jobs to the toadies who support the parties which takes the time, effort and tax money from middle class Americans. Both parties betrayed us. 

D.J. Trump charged onto the scene by telling us immigration is essentially controlled by the parties against the people who see their jobs disappearing and their income shrinking while illegal immigrants make things worse for the American middle class who have to shoulder the costs but get no benefits from it. the voters sent messages to the party elites by voting in 69 more Republican House of Representatives, 13 more Republican Senators, 12 more Republican Governors and 900 plus seats in state legislatures since Left-Liberal-anti-American Barack Hussein won the Presidency and started to diminish America around the world. He’s not finished as he recently showed favoritism to Iranian immigrants compared to Europeans.  

Short term the traditional Republican doners and officials are out of touch with the voters. Rove, Preibus and the Republican establishment by joining their Democrat counterparts against the middle class never saw Donald trump coming. He took an oath to stay Republican even if he lost the nomination but the establishment Republicans never promised to support him. If the Democrats want to win the presidency they should bypass Hillary and endorse Trump .

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