165 cars a day, everyday.

Let that sink in. One Hundred Sixty Five cars destroyed by fire EVERY DAY in France, mostly in the no-go zones that the American Progressives deny exist, a total of 60 Thousand cars a year. It’s been going on for years.
If each car is worth on average $7,000.00 US that’s a staggering $400 million dollars of lost money for the victims each year, even if the victims are the insurance companies who are forced to recover their $400 million by charging the people who insure their personal cars. That’s just the damage in cars. What about the possessions in the cars? Coats, computers and cell phones locked in the trunks or glove boxes?
What explains this lawlessness that’s impossible for the police to stop?

Part of the price of appeasement is the cost of lawlessness caused by large groups of people who refuse to assimilate and who want to destroy France, Europe, Israel and America.

When the police refuse to police or cannot police no-go zones a culture is doomed. It’s just a matter of time. The consequences are certain. Either a culture has laws that have meaning or there are no laws at all. It may take some time to grasp how serious it is when a group of people join together and refuse to follow the laws of the nation but car torching has been going on for decades.

Here’s Time Magazine:

“In announcing the New Year’s Eve tally on Jan. 2, Interior Minister Manuel Valls also revealed that figures provided by fire, police and insurance officials indicate that somewhere between 42,000 and 60,000 automobiles are intentionally torched in France every year. The majority of those go up in smoke in or near the disadvantaged suburban housing projects located outside most French cities. Indeed, the rest of the world first took notice of France’s distinctive car-burning penchant during the three weeks of nationwide rioting in French housing projects in 2005, when 8,810 automobiles were incinerated by enraged youths. Yet, despite that riot-driven surge of car arson, year-end figures of around 43,000 for 2005 came in at around normal levels. Normal, that is, for flame-happy France.

The story concludes by saying that the French government may only really start to pay attention when this happens in middle class and affluent neighborhoods. It’s funny how that’s always what gets the ball rolling.”

TIME gets it massively wrong, trying to pin the blame on the rich, a class they along with their mentor, Karl Marx blame most things on the rich and excuse the poor because they are the victims. They need to report on the type of people who are arsonists and why. TIME knows the truth but refuses to print it.

Nine years of putting up with this by some of the most sophisticated people on the planet. Paris is a stunning place. France is archingly civilized. Why does this happen in France? What is it the authorities lack that doesn’t stop the people who torch 60,000 cars a year? What’s happening?

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