Trump has upended: the dysfunctional Media, the mainstream Republican Party; the Republican National Committee; the phony Conservatives and the entire crony corrupt political apparatus that has learned and practices the use of government to get and steal money from people. Trump has mobilized the forgotten citizens of America including especially the blue collar geniuses and the white collar victims of the great America mis-information system, that would be the mainstream media, the politicians, the Extreme Liberal, Marxist-Leninist Left Wing professors and editors . Oh, wait, -that’s just about all of them.

Call it America’s love affair with a solid Queens-born American multi-billionaire who worked the entire system to earn billions. He’s the father to an amazing bunch and remains on good terms with his ex-wives. The Republicans in power don’t get Trumps popularity because it comes from places unknown to them but we know about the graft, the payoff, the secret agreements by for example the big donors to Hillary who will extract their quid-pro-quo from the taxpayers.

Even after solid wins in the primaries so far with the exception of Iowa Karl Rove, FOX News and the chattering class still consider Trump a flash-in-the-pan. They’ve been reporting Trumps obit for months. But Newt Gingrich, a political genius who invented the very successful “Contract With America” has warned the Republican party deep pocket Rubio supporters they better take Trump seriously.

Trump invented the wall as a way to control immigration. Europe has the same problem despite their stronger border controls. The immigrant crisis makes Trump more popular but it’s only a catalyst for a pent up anger against government by unelected local, state and national political party leaders and the theft-based bureaucracy they control against and despite the taxpayers.

In the United Kingdom, efforts to withdraw from the European Union are mounting, inspired in large measure by the flooding into Europe of migrants from North Africa and the Middle East — migrants who cannot truly be assimilated, affordably supported, or expected to share America’s values on religious tolerance, civil liberties, women’s rights, and even the rule of law.

The press refuses to report it because it’s a free of cost competitor but the internet has the details of the rapes, robberies and riots that have been happening all over the civilized parts of Europe as the trouble-prone “immigrants”, “refugees” and “cultural enrichers” flood then take-over the civilized centers of Europe. The former head of Interpol says the EU’s internal borders policy is “like hanging a sign welcoming terrorists to Europe”. That’s been going on in America too. We know it. Trump knows it, even the Pope knows it but some of those people want it to stop. Trump does. We do too. We want immigration to be only lawful so we want illegal immigration to be brought under control. That should start with a secure border which means a barrier to stop illegal’s from crossing our borders.

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