Liberals want more crime in Ferguson and across America. Al Sharpton wants Liberals to show up in Washington D.C. to get police to stop arresting criminals so often in black neighborhoods. He’s opposed to two grand jury verdicts too, the one that found Officer Wilson was justified to use deadly force against Mike Brown and the other that found the way the police arrested Eric Garner did not cause his heart attack. Sharpton and the NAACP object to the “broken windows” tactic as a way to assign police to various neighborhoods.

But crimes not broken windows attract the police. Eric Garner caused himself a lot of problems when he resisted arrest. He had been arrested 30 times in 34 years so he knew that being arrested wasn’t a real big deal. The grand jury investigation did not find sufficient evidence to charge any of the arresting officers. Sharpton and the NAACP object to the findings and will demonstrate in the nations capital.

Was Eric Garner wrongly treated by the arresting officers? No. How can we be so certain? Because the Grand Jury investigated and that’s their conclusion. Liberals hate the police. They prefer to instigate mobs which is their purpose in the riots, marches and demonstrations now going on but are slowing down.

It’s a dangerous idea to oppose the police. The police are in charge of the streets. When crimes happen we expect the police to respond and to do it in a way that minimizes the danger to them from criminals and mobs. Liberals however support the mobs. If you want to spend a few hours reviewing why, read Ann Coulter’s book “Demonic”. She provides ways to identify the political party of the mobs: Democratic, as well as their political views; Liberal, not Conservative. The Conservatives are the Law and Order people. That would be the Republicans who are staying out of Eric Garners death by staying home.

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