The demonstrations against White Supremacy and in support of Justice for American Blacks were missing the rest of the colors of America. Red and Blue. American flags were and are outlawed because the demonstrations are only supposed to be about police brutality towards African-Americans. The hidden agenda of the Liberals however is a deep abiding hate and fear of America because of the founding principal of Individual, not group Rights and the only proper job of government which is the protection of the individual. America is about everyone but not everyone as a mob. A mob has no protection in American law. Only each individual as an individual is protected by the law. It’s Red, White and Blue, not White vs. Black

The demonstrations are led by the “Hate America” crowd who infiltrated the demonstrations and kept the American flags out of the hands of demonstrators. If the Tea Party was demonstrating American flags would be all over the place. that’s how to verify whether the demonstrators support America or not.

Liberals don’t much like America, calling America a nation of bullies that’s against “Black and Brown” people. Black and Brown are part of the America that we love and respect but so is white. But the Liberal mobs don’t like the idea of White Americans as much as they like and support “other races”. Yes, sadly, America is in the grip of Marxism, oops, it’s not politically correct to use the idea of Marxism. It’s called “Progressism” or “Liberalism”. It’s the same thing, the state is supposed to be the most powerful force in a culture so long as the state is ruled by the Left.

Eric Holder said his justice department would launch “an independent through, fair, and expeditious” civil rights investigation into Garner’s death. Hah!

Eric Holder is against fair investigations. His thumb is firmly on the anti-fair-investigation side of the scale when race is involved. Holder and his boss, President Barack Obama cannot be fair where race is concerned. Their actions helped fuel the Ferguson Riots. He wrongly believes Racism by white people against black people is raging and rampant in America. Obama addressed, not America; he specifically addressed young black men telling them in effect racism is and will be a problem for them. Rubbish. Black people can go anyplace in America. they can be served by white people anywhere in America that serves people and Obama knows that. He’s whipping up Liberals to help Democrats win more elections in places that are both black and Democrat but his message is stale. Civil Rights was an issue. America has responded in almost record speed to race problems and solved them.

Obama should address crime and criminals and tell them to get their acts together instead of fighting police when they face questioning or arrest. the police are the ones black people call when there are problems in black neighborhoods. Obama is trying to solve crime by letting it happen without consequences. The Attorney General, shamefully is in agreement. So are the rest of the Liberals who are being deserted by the more sensible Democrats. The mob is thinning. The battle is over. You know that when the President is attacking the police.

Only two more years. Unless another Extreme Liberal becomes President.

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