In addition to increasing taxes, the new anti-gun laws promoted by Gabby Giffords set up a national database of American Citizens, – those considered dangerous because they are judged by government to be mentally incompetent. In effect, they become “enemies of the people”. Thusly classified, the Federal Government will not protect them from the Federal Government.

Giffords supports and defends new sets of Federal Laws like H.R. 329 and H.R. 1565 which disguised as (falsely) protecting the right to own or use a gun are just laws designed to limit and prevent gun purchases. Those laws give sweeping new powers to the Federal Government in violation of at least the Ninth and Tenth Amendments as well as sharply creating new and/or increasing old taxes by Billions of Dollars.
What problems are Giffords laws supposed to solve? She scapegoats the mentally ill and ex-convicts. Her Laws are supposed to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill but many mentally ill people may need help but they are not violent, they are no danger to others and the Constitution applies to them too. Giffords should be dedicated to protecting the mentally ill but her ideas to have the Federal Government keep lists of the mentally ill run afoul of the privacy laws as well as the basic freedom’s in the Constitution.

Worse than that, the use of mental health laws to commit individuals to psychiatric treatment has a long history of political abuse. Psychiatry is a good and useful areas of medicine but it’s subject to misuse by the unscrupulous. How tragic to misuse medicine and psychiatry to follow Giffords wrongheaded ideas about government prohibiting people from getting a gun to defend themselves.

Lists kept by the government of the mentally ill, are too dangerous to Liberty. Think of the abuse of lists by the KGB. Try to grasp the horror of wrongly being judged mentally incompetent and being punished by being imprisoned in the infamous GULAG. Can’t happen her you say? The Innocence Project has gotten several hundred people removed from death row in America so not only can the justice system get it wrong, it has. That’s not a reason to oppose a justice system but it is one more reason to keep government under surveillance. Instead Giffords what’s to make government more powerful.

The poor are especially vulnerable to rape, robbery and murder so preventing them from getting a gun to defend themselves is a kind of class warfare. Remove the guns from the poor and their ability to defend themselves and even to just staying alive in circumstances over which they have little control is cruel, inhumane and hateful. Keeping a gun out of the hands of an inner city mother or father can be fatal.

There are about 270 million guns in the hands of American civilians including about a 300,000 machine guns. They are safe. Sure sometimes a gun is misused but mostly guns protect far more often, hundreds and thousands of times more often, than they abuse. It’s only the abuse that’s reported because people aren’t interested in the things that work the way they should. Things like the use of a gun to keep someone safe. It’s not news but it happens a lot.

Unfortunately and against reason, Giffords wants the Federal Government to prohibit mentally incompetent people who are not violent from being protected from the government to protect themselves. In addition Giffords want’s ex-felons who were: felons; served their sentences; and are now law abiding ex-felons who should be protected by the Constitution to be prohibited from their Constitutional right to own a gun. In addition, there are plenty of felons who are neither dangerous nor violent who should be supported in their right and their ability to defend themselves; their families; and their neighbors. That’s why the Second Amendment was written.

Lets make sure people who get it wrong about guns, people like Giffords somehow learn why they are wrong and change their minds. Otherwise America will become just another nation ruled by a big government instead of a free and open nation.

Giffords, unfortunately has swallowed the false idea that everyone is bad and a big government is needed to protect everyone else from them. Giffords attitude is understandable. Our hearts go out to her but we cannot allow our sympathy and compassion to change the protections of the Constitution. If the Constitution and America continue to be diminished this will no longer be America.

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