No really big plays. No spectacular players but a solid, dominant offense and defense, no help from the consistently anti-Eagles announcer Al Michaels. I turn off the sound to shut him up.

Nick Foles was great as the Eagles whipped the NY Giants in a Sunday night football game that mirrored the political greatness of America. The Eagles are a capitalist post-racial football team like the rest of America. Ferguson MO isn’t America. Neither is President Obama with his complete ignorance of the exceptional nature of America, the NFL and Americans who love the players when they win. In Philly, any player or coach is fair game for the boo-birds, “order in English” polyglot City of Brotherly Love. Yesterday’s game proved all of that.

Writing without notes, –the game was so satisfying that the Two Minute Warning came faster than usual. The Eagles miss the tremendous athleticism, the brilliant playing of Desean Jackson. No one misses the gang-banger. Nick Foles has settled down into one great player and a great quarterback. Runners Maclin, Sproles and ‘shady’ McCoy are each great. McCoy had what looked like an OK night but he ran time after time for 149 yards. Sproles squirted thru the defense. Hurt knee. Hope he’s good to go in two weeks. Receivers Riley Cooper, Zak Ertz and one of my personal favorites, Brent Celek, put together solid, great games. The linemen sacked the great Eli Manning, a truly traffic player who kept getting smothered because of the spectacular, constantly stunting, Eagles defense.

Football is a mans game that the women love. The PC crowd has been pushed back as The Redskins of Washington, DC know. The women in the game are on the sidelines and the camera’s utterly fail at getting them into the game. Football is America’s game. Right now, the scrappy, stunting, well-conditioned Eagles are America’s team. President Obama should take lessons from people who know how to win and how to live together. America is exceptional. Stiop by and grab a cheese steak on an Italian roll.

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