The Manchin-Toomey Constitutional violating law which is supported by Gabby Giffords is called: “The Public Safety and Second Amendment Protection Act”. It is an unconstitutional document on it’s face. The title is false. The public safety is best protected by citizens with arms, meaning guns and rifles. Why must protection be achieved by each individual? Because the Supreme Court ruled the police do not have a duty to do it. Your protection is your responsibility, period. Feel better? Of course not. You felt good knowing the police are supposed to protect you but it wasn’t true.

How can you protect yourself without a gun? Not very well is the right answer. That’s one reason you need a gun. One gin may not be sufficient. You may need several. One for the bedroom, one in the kitchen, one in the car. You get the idea.

Just about every section of the Act weakens the Second Amendment. An Act which weakens the Second Amendment must not be called a Protection Act.

That’s just two comments about the title.

A great problem with Manchin-Toomey is the take-over of the background check system from the 50 States. This is a real States Rights problem.

there’s even a problem with stopping felons from getting a gun after they sere their sentence. A law abiding ex-felon has the protection of the Second Amendment. Of course they can’t have a gun in prison so there’s no need to prevent felons from having a gun while they are felons but the government want’s to stop them from having a gun after they return to society. If they’re dangerous when they’re released, why are they released? All this is just more excuses for government to trample the Second Amendment.

Gabby Giffords was shot and she had to suffer. She has the sympathy of everyone. We all feel for her. Being shot was so very wrong but the solution isn’t to get fewer guns in the culture. In fact it’s just the opposite. But many people don’t want to have a gun. They don’t want a gun in the house. that’s OK for them. Government and Gabby Giffords wants them to remain unarmed.
Many people don’t want to be a soldier either but for the people who want a gun and for those who want to be a soldier, government must not stand in their way. When government does that it’s unconstitutional and if the constitution is violated no one is safer. They are in more danger because the government has no duty to protect them.

The purpose of the Act is to prevent whole classes of America citizens from ever acquiring a gun. For example, the act speaks about mentally incompetent individuals who government wants to prohibit from ever owning a gun for their entire life. But there’s no way to remove the name of a mentally incompetent individual who undergoes treatment and is no longer mentally incompetent.

Even worse the judgment of mental incompetency is left to the Federal government, the same government who prohibited alcohol. the same government that cannot control it’s spending and has gotten America into massive debt. The government that has no duty to protect you.

Giffords is wrong to try to stop people from shooting other people by trying to stop people who have a Right to Guns from getting them.
Her anxiety about guns is very understandable. No one should ever be shot. But taking guns from the people who then have no means to protect themselves is a breach of every known system of morality.

People use guns every hour of every day to protect themselves, their families and their property. Giffords and those who think like her about guns are extremely biased in their conclusions. If she really supports common sense gun regulations she needs to understand that that’s the purpose of the Second Amendment. Even higher than the Second Amendment is the need for people to protect themselves.

Giffords want’s to stop the mentally incompetent from owning a gun. One of her criteria is to stop people who are committed to and institution from owning a gun. She should visit a mental health facility. No patient could possibly bring a gun into a mental ward. they can’t even bring a pencil in. Check it out, if you can by talking to the medical professionals who work with those committed. You will then understand why it’s impossible for a patient to get a gun. Giffords is all about stopping people from getting guns. The Manchin-Toomey Act was about stopping people. Giffords PAC is called “Americans For Responsible Solutions” which is 4 meaningless words. It’s about violating the American Constitution which is so unique in the world that it’s turned American into the most exceptional nation that ever existed. Lets not destroy that. Gabby Giffords is an exceptional person. She just needs to do more research into the powerful connections between Liberty, Justice and Guns. She would agree that there are far too many restrictions against gun ownership and many should be removed.

The biggest myth is Giffords reliance on “The Gun Show Loophole”. There is none. Every gun show is swarming with more armed citizens and BATF agents then could ever be needed. That includes the parking lots where there are almost more agents than cars.

C’mon Gabby. Get more involved with the gun culture. You’ll meet more law-abiding people who follow the laws at a gun show including police who need good guns. And they follow the laws more rigorously than people who don’t have guns.

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