The SS Ponzi scheme takes contributions from young people and pays them to Seniors. SS is insolvent or will be soon so more young people need to enter America to pay the older people.

This isn’t high tech math. It’s simple arithmetic. Young people don’t retire. Seniors do. retired people want and need the money they were promised for their years of paying into SS. Even though government cheats everyone who is involved with paying into and collecting from SS, it still needs young immigrants to expand the money coming in.

Sooner or later the illegal immigrants get amnesty so they can pay taxes. Obama doesn’t care about America or the SS system but the Democrats do so Obama threw the Dem’s a bone and let illegals cross the porous border, porous on purpose. Unenforced by Obama, Holder and the other officials who should be keeping illegals out are letting them in to increase the tax take for the government.

Amnesty is about getting more people onto the tax roles. Why should illegals get away without paying taxes? Amnesty is about raising the minimum wage so government can collect more and more taxes. Government is not about creating jobs. the private sector can do that. Government can force companies to pay more money to workers wo government can get more tax money.

Taxes are about more than money. They are needed to pay off the criminals in government and the favorite contractors of the officials. In that regard, America is normal, not exceptional. America is very exceptionsl because of freedom. Government is not about freedom but about corruption, coercion, bribery and bad money. GOod money is money honestly made. No government makes money. Governments take money and all governments are about taking more and more. Obamacare is not about medicine but money. Government wants more and more control of more and more markets and tax money is how they get it. More illegal immigrants, amnesty and more money are why Obama has opened the borders of America. You don’t like it? Government doesn’t care. Shut up and pay is the New American way.

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