Religious Beliefs aren’t subject to objective truth. They are not subject to the usual boundaries for settling arguments. That’s perhaps the beauty of Faith as well as it’s downfall. As of today, the two most explosive religious issues are Abortion and Islam. Let’s review Abortion, which is legal in America, sort of. Millions of Americans are battling against Roe v Wade. Millions agree with Roe and others what Roe to go further to protect a developing fetus.
Abortion has a checkered history, alternatively being OK, sort of OK and banned. It’s sort of OK in America since Roe v Wade but it’s also sort of banned because of many reasons including moral, ethical, religious and secular.

What should the law be on abortion? Is a fertilized egg a person? Some believe it is while others believe the newborn is not fully born for days after it’s separated from the pregnant woman.
Scientifically a fetus in utero cannot survive on it’s own outside the womb. The heart is beating but it is not pumping because of the holes in the chambers. Neither is the blood oxygenated by the fetus because the lungs aren’t taking in air. No air, no oxygen, no life. There are many other issues but is there one truth about abortion on which we can agree? No.

Science and Religion can inform and instruct but they are worse then opposites on Abortion. People who support abortion are routinely attacked intellectually and in some cases fatally. It’s not pro-abortion against anti-abortion, it’s God against Lucifer. This is serious stuff.
But there’s a third position. Many say they are personally against abortion but they support the law which allows it. That’s one of the ambiguous cases. Another is to agree that abortion is legal, sometimes justified and other times wrong. So there are at least four positions available.
America was founded by religious people who decided to keep religion out of government because of it’s powerful control over people who believe in religion. America is a religious country. Non-religious people as well as those who completely deny not only religion but the existence of God are a growing part of the human experience. Those fighting against America who use Islam as their reason are causing many to abandon religion altogether.

The Supreme Court has rules many times against creationism (HERE); but religion is separate from government which means belief is separate from the law. Nor does the Supreme Court have jurisdiction higher than preachers, priests, ayatollahs or the Pope to name a few who are used to avoid compliance with pro-abortion. It’s Religion v Abortion but the Supreme Court has no religious jurisdiction so that case will never materialize. It’s not only religion v Atheists, it’s religion against agnostics, heretics and cadres of non-believers.

Finally, abortion will always be a decision for a pregnant woman. She may be stopped from getting an abortion but that may be the ultimate immoral position.

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