Only a Republican President can do that -and that Republican needs to channel Ronald Reagan. A President who can kill “The Islamic State” (IS) needs a lot of help but neither Hillary nor Obama can get the help so neither can defeat IS. Who killed Communism? There’s lots of credit to go around but it was not the Vietnam War nor the Woodstock generation of Hillary, Barack and Michelle. Ronald Reagan and Margret Thatcher did most of it. They were opposed by the kicking and screaming Communities Organized Against Them and against America. That would be the Left, the Community Organizer In Chief and his gal Friday, Ex-Secretary of State, Hillary, who did a thesis on the inventor of Community Organizing, Saul Alinsky, Obama’s Role Model In Chicago. The Left has never won a war. That yet another reason neither Hillary or Obama can defeat IS.

What’s the difference between the way the infamous Chicago Mob goes after it’s goals and the way Alinsky did? Before you answer remember: Alinsky studied the mob’s tactics from the inside. Remember also Obama not only emulated Alinsky, he used Alinsky’s political coercion tactics, time after time, to get money from the neighbors, meaning their tax dollars, collected by a dysfunctional political machine which also informed Rob Blagojevich how to make some illicit money by selling Obama’s Senate Seat appointment.

Chicago has some seriously dysfunctional politics, not the least of which is represented by Obama’s ex-chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, one of the most Liberal of Liberals on the most colorful, corrupt Presidential Staff in American history. The President’s staff has been so corrupt that corrupt Attorney General Eric Holder resigned. Not a moment too soon because the House of Representatives is still miffed and coming after him because Holder defied them and they issued a Contempt of Congress certificate against him. His manager, President Obama, also refused to let Holder do the right thing and inform Congress and the American People of the many abuses in which Holders’ most Corrupt Justice Department engaged. Shame on all of them.

Back to talk-a-lot-do-very-little Hillary who travelled the world for free under Obama and did very little. Not only are her achievements as Sec State almost invisible, some set back the cause of freedom and Liberty. Hillary has a millstone around her reputation because of her complete mis-handling of the Benghazi attack as well as the Obama supported pack of lies falsely and knowingly blaming the video for the attack on the not-so-secret arms for the Syrian Rebels. The attack resulted in her doing nothing to help the American’s in the Consulate Office / arms warehouse. Her disrespect for the truth, probably her most important skill-set, caused a lack of empathy over Benghazi which shows her willingness to lie whether needed or not in response to anything with which she disagrees including the most psychologically challenged woman lover and abuser, her husband. What a duo.

Hillary did so little as Sec State that even John “Traitor” Kerry, her replacement molded in the cesspool of Jane Fonda’s similar opposition to the Vietnam War that was won by the military that Hillary detests before it was lost because of politics. Her Democratic Party candidacy for President should be opposed by every sentient American who has any patriotism at all. The Clintons should step off the world stage for the good of the world.

Bill (Monica) Clinton is a world class phony for the way he abused scores of women while Governor of Arkansas which he caused to revert to the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah. He’s a consummate serial sex-addict who caused more birth control use than a hundred houses of ill repute. His wife is nothing but an enabler who seeks to turn America into an even more corrupt nation than Obama; Holder; and the Black Panthers did. These are detestable, disrespectful, dysfunctional people who should never have been allowed to represent America. That they did is no honor to the greatest most free country ever conceived from the minds who produced America. They deserve our honor. Hillary deserves nothing. Lets give her that.

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