So wrote Peter Baker in The New York Times 9/8/2014. No surprise to those of us who have analysed this complex and diabolical man. Diabolical because he’s a very, very secretive individual who often says what he doesn’t believe to ingratiage himself to a non-black audience. Obama is first of all about his mixed race parents. Both he and “My Rock” Michelle, beneficiaries of affirmative action as well as the good intentions of so many non-blacks are all about race and from all indications they are far beyond the points in their lives when they can change their minds about the corrosive belief systems that inform their mis-guided intellects.
A mis-guided view is a set of intellectual attributes. Since the Obama’s as well as their inner circles share their attitudes about the different races, attitudes shaped by their earlier attitudes which diverge from normal so much that the downstream consequences continue the divergence and finally get so far from the truth that their views are unrecognizable to those who despite their human inclination to give them the benefit of the doubt recoil in shock that they have become so wrong about so much. Misguided? At this point in their lives, purposeful and malicious.
Can the Obama’s get back to a correct worldview? Of course. Will they? Of course not and the world is in greater danger from the ideas that America is full of racists; that Europe is against non-whites; that the terrorists are not as dangerous to America as most Americans believe and that everyone is all about race. Those are Obamaworld ideas and they are as wrong and as far from normal as people like Bill Ayres and Ward Churchill.
The Obama’s blame America. The issue is immaterial. It’s America’s fault. Obama is in emotional conflict because his belief system want’s the beheadings to be small blips on the radar. Here’s a message the terrorists better not figure out. So long as they stay away from beheading people who Obama likes they will be safe or at least much safer. If the terrorists target friends of Obama the entire might of America will be loosed on them and in a few months they will join their dead ancestors. Proof?
Joe Biden’s outrage over the beheadings and his rage-based announcement: ““[W]hen people harm Americans, we don’t retreat. We don’t forget,” Biden said during a speech in New Hampshire. “We take care of those who are grieving, and when that’s finished, they should know, we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice. Because hell is where they will reside. Hell is where they will reside.”

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But Obama cannot talk like that because he doesn’t think like that. Obama is in shock that his kind words, his visits to his old friends in Pakistan, his embracement of the religion of his step-father; of the misguided ideas of the preacher who married him, didn’t have the effect he believed it would have on the terrorists. That’s the consequence of his misguided ideas about the terrorists who hate America as do his close friends Rev. Wright, Ward Churchill and Bill Ayres, -and who are willing to die to prove it. That’s what Obama is up against and until and unless he gets some of Joe Biden’s fire to obliterate his own wrong ideas about the world, the world is in danger. Until he learns to disrespect Vladimir Putin’s mis-guided views of the world; confronts him then backs him down Eastern Europe is in danger too.

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