Thomas Sowell, writing for Capitalism Magazine said:
“[Obama] has, from childhood on, been mentored by, or allied with, people hostile to the United States and to American values. His mentors and allies have all been very much like the Reverend Jeremiah Wright; that Barack Obama has succeeded in reducing America’s military strength while our adversaries are increasing theirs, and reducing our credibility and influence with our allies. That is completely consistent with his vision of how the world ought to be, with the West taken down a peg and humbled.”
From that basis Obama has been spectacularly successful.
Sowell began his soliloquy with the idea: “If Obama wanted to protect the safety and interests of the United States, ..he has been a monumental failure.” Sowell asked : “what is there in Obama’s background that would justify the assumption that America’s best interests are his goal?” Nothing.
OTOH, if Obama wanted to degrade and diminish America, Europe, and the West, he has been a dazzling success. If he want’s to weaken America, his success has been out of this world. He’s shooting 100% but he’s not on the side of all that’s moral. Quite the contrary, he’s in a close race to become the greatest dictator, the greatest tyrant in history because he’s decreased the quality of life for 316 million people in America and 742 million people in Europe. 1,058 million free people whose safety and security is less than it was in 2009 when he took office. No other dictator has ever made things worse for so many people.
Is he a dictator? Yes. “I have a phone and a pen” he said meaning he can order the 2.7 million federal government workers and the American Military, as he’s done countless times, to work against the best interests of America. Will he do that? Yes He’s already done it by opening the borders and letting in hundreds of thousands of Illegal Immigrants who will be kept fed, clothed and housed by the taxes of Legal America citizens.
His response to Russia’s invasion and occupation of the Crimea amounted to stopping the shipment of Twinkie Cakes to Moscow. His response to the Russian invasion and occupation of Ukraine has amounted to a two week suspension in Hershey Bar shipments to Russia.
Obama is a success in his anti-American presidency, the first of it’s kind in history but as Sowell and I see things, he’s been a disaster as a President. He’s not good at golf either.

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