Obama agreed to defend Ukraine by “military exercises and enhanced air patrols over the Baltic States, Poland and Romania” but the problem is in Ukraine.

Obama gave Putin the green light to roll into Eastern Ukraine. He did that in the easiest way by failing to at least tell Putin that America and other nations would defend Eastern Ukraine. Instead Obama is; well, who knows what he’s thinking by sending military not to Ukraine but to Lithuania.

That’s like sending money to Michigan to help Montana. The problem is in Ukraine. Ukraine needs military exercises and enhanced air patrols, not Lithuania. The people of Ukraine are in danger, not the people in Lithuania.

Everyone knows Putin would like to get Lithuania back and it makes sense for The West to announce they will defend Lithuania but why not defend Ukraine?

Europe got itself into a pickle by buying natural gas from Russia so Europe is now agreeing to pay Putin by letting Putin conquer Eastern Ukraine in exchange for Putin keeping the cost of natural gas low. By the same logic Putin can roll into Lithuania and Europe will roll over and let him do it like they did in South Ossetia, The Crimea and now Ukraine.

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