The Freedom and Liberty of Women, meaning each individual woman has been under attack in America since Roe v. Wade in 1973. Unfortunately Roe did not go anywhere near ruling on the fundamental issues of Freedom and Liberty even though the opinion itself went back to the time of Hippocrates 2,500 years ago.

One of the errors in Roe was the failure to use the 13th Amendment against “Involuntary Servitude” except by government to punish violators for crimes, to support abortion. Involuntary Servitude includes Slavery. Both involve illicit control of and over an individual. The reduction of a pregnant woman to a slave consists of controlling her body during the pregnancy and of her life  after it.  Forcing the continuation of a pregnancy upon a woman is a age-old practice that today still exists in America. It is the illicit use of force against a woman. It is  against nature; it’s unconstitutional and it’s opposes the wish and will of the pregnant woman.

Slavery and Involuntary servitude are legal terms for a person laboring against that person’s will to benefit another. When a pregnant woman is prohibited from getting an abortion she must be prevented by fraud, coercion or force. No one has to touch her to deprive her of her right to not be a slave.

The brazen radicals who demand a women must remain pregnant against her will, desire or pleasure, managed to get enough immoral power to achieve partial success by making abortion a religious issue and then claiming woman who have abortions are immoral because they violate their conclusion. Somehow they also claim some kind of superior wisdom, the basis of which is known by them alone. They use that faux knowledge to intellectually and on occasion physically bludgeon others into forcing woman who want an abortion to remain pregnant. What could be more hideous; more punitive and more immoral except to murder the pregnant woman?

If the life of a fetus is more important than the life of a pregnant woman, the fetus is in control of the body of the pregnant woman. That’s part of the motive of the radicals who claim a fetus is a person. They even have the temerity to speak for God as though they are in secret communication with the supernatural. Hogwash. Other radicals claim God has informed them a fertilized egg is a person.

If the body of a pregnant woman is under the control of anything or anyone else she is in a state of slavery. In the case of forcing a woman to remain pregnant, regardless of the reason proffered, the woman in in the condition identified as Involuntary Servitude which condition is proscribed by the 13th Amendment. That’s the immoral basis of the crowd which wants to force pregnancy upon a woman. How disgusting they are. How against the natural order they are. How against women in general they are.

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