Obama is a lonely man who’s seeking acceptance but not from all races. See Steve Sailers book: “America’s Half-Blood Prince” for more details but his abandonment by his father almost immediately and his mother eventually as well as the color of his skin made this brilliant man, whose parents were also high achievers regardless of what you may have heard to the contrary, very clear about his ideologies. His immediate ancestors, i.e., his grandfather, father, mother and her grandparents were world class dissidents, none of whom were American’s at heart. Obama removed a bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office the first day he was in power and many of his decisions parrot his worldview which is confused at best and superbly against America at worst.

Obama’s real life nemesis should be Vladimir Putin, an arch enemy to America, a criminal fugitive from Justice who could have been controlled by someone like Ronald Reagan but Obama instead, agrees with many of Putin’s goals which is not the way a nemesis should behave.  For example, Obama did virtually nothing when Putin grabbed The Crimea just about the same way Hitler grabbed the Sudetenland for the filmiest of pretexts. Lots of Crimean’s spoke Russian or at least a passable dialect of Russian which Putin heard was the same language as the fatherland. Shades of Jacque Brel’s anti-American loyalty.

We can only hope Putin doesn’t look at America where there are probably a million Russian speakers thus giving Putin an indisputable claim on the land in America for which Obama would be ideologically inclined to write up the bill of sale. 

The small Baltic States cannot rely on the “Flim Flam Man” to support them with anything like say, missiles to aim at Russia or anti-missile rockets to defend themselves. NATO talks a lot but does very little so to believe the Baltic’s are safe because of NATO is a dream, not the reality. To trust their safety to a man like President Barack Obama is dangerous to their safety. His trust rating is less than zero and his dislike for non-black people began with the lessons he learned from his Marx supporting parents. Obama, like Putin is part of The Evil Empire against which Reagan fought and won but; -Reagan is gone, Obama is here and many are in danger.  

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