President Obama represents Big Government which is the problem in Ferguson, MO. Obama’s biography, race  and party affiliation work against solving the race problems in Ferguson and elsewhere because his championing of big wonderful government means he; is intellectually, racially and morally bankrupt when it comes to solving the oppression by big government in Ferguson. Ferguson needs an anti-Obama. 

Obama has ruthlessly supported Critical Race Theory which is a thoroughly Marx-based set of ideas designed to remove the imagined white boot from the black man’s neck. CRT condemns America as an intrinsically white racist nation; -excoriates white people; -immorally elevates the ideas of the Black Collective, the Soviet Union and Josef Stalin; damns America; seeks reparations for blacks; accuses judges, attorney’s and police of racism; invalidates American Law and demands preferential treatment for blacks because of the color of their skin over and above welfare and reparations; displaces more qualified white’s from jobs including civil service jobs like police, firefighters and EMT’s  and encourages lawless behaviors by blacks, just to name a few of the immoral consequences of CRT. Look at the rush to judgment by the black community in the racial response in Ferguson. A worse example of the balkanization of America into separate races and the different treatment of blacks and non-whites promoted by false saviors like the diminishing Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, a known race distorter. Of course they have the rights to their opinions and to promulgate them when and where they please but they should take the trouble to get things right and to give good advice to American blacks who deserve the truth, just like everyone else. President Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Eric Holder want revenge against non-blacks, not justice.  

CRT is practiced by President Barack Obama, Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright and the Black Panthers. It is massively wrong in it’s facts, analysis and conclusions but with President Obama in charge life for Americans will get worse than it has gotten since his first day in office.

By supporting CRT President Obama has become a moral pariah, an outlier seeking the destruction of America while operating inside America. He and they seek a tyranny and will riot and destroy until their totalitarian style of government is imposed on America. They will use continue to distort and use racism as a tool of power.

Those of us who know that black racism is a cause of not a solution for racism and that Black Revenge as practiced by President Obama will continue to corrode the black population while it destroys the whites in America. Our problem; President Obama has more than two years to continue his revenge against white people like his white mother. He’s a one-man born in the USA tragedy for America.

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