It’s the drones. The drones went after ISIS and saved the Kurds on the mountaintop. Obama won’t send in any more American military. A few Special Forces, maybe but America will not re-invade Iraq while Obama is President. Sure the Middle East is on fire but no American interests are at stake there. Oh sure, there are some business reasons to want peace in the Middle East and what’s being done to Israel is wrong but those battles will settle themselves without American military on the ground.

Ground wars are passé except for poor countries and belligerent people who will fight just to fight. America will not send troops to, for example, Libya, Egypt or Iran. There’s no need to because America has drones to send instead of people. At the moment there’s no reason to send drones to Libya, Egypt or Iran. President Obama is negotiating with those nations or with some of the leaders but none are stable enough to actually end hostilities. The war in the Middle East must rage on for a while longer and the best tactic is to leave them alone. Which side should America join? None. It’s more important to engage Russia over Eastern Ukraine than over Egypt at the moment because the right and the wrong are so clearly identified in Ukraine. Russia is an enemy of it’s own people because of the lack of support for so many human rights in Russia. The moral basis to oppose Russia is clear. The political calculations are not.

For now, Obama’s solutions in Iraq follow his idea to keep Americans out of the country except for his face-saving in Baghdad. He’s continuing to win in Iraq. Hope it stays that way.

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