As a result of reading a newly discovered website some Epistemological issues were noted. The creator asked for comments. I sent him the following — which admittedly was presumptuous. He may not take them in the good spirit in which I offered them but one can hope.

He addresses his humble and difficult childhood, like most people seem to do, as something he rose above. But each of us begins their life with similar difficulties, Usually humble beginnings seem to make success less likely but that ignores the Individual Human Mind.  Usually the lack of money is accepted as some kind of virtue but not with me because people assemble their own values based on their own ideas about virtues. Money however seems to be sort of condemned. I don’t accept that and try to change it in other people. Unfortunately, so far, the world is winning.

Here’s the comment I left.

Success should be based on the attributes which cause Success, not on the mundane or trivial. People cannot influence their birth so the conditions at birth are irrelevant. It’s what is done with one’s life that makes success a value. Being born poor is no disgrace but it’s no attribute either. Everyone who earns money should be cheered not because they started without money but because they have the values that each person, born poor or rich, brilliant, average or above average. should have, and no person can be bigger than their money. Money is the result of the capacity to think, not the conditions of birth. Money is not evil but too many people accept that money is “the root of all evil” or actually evil. Money will not imbue Virtue nor redeem vice.

regards and continues good fortune, Bill O’Neill

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