WWI began June 28, 1914 and ended November 11, 1918. Woodrow Wilson declared war against Germany April 6, 1917 on the side of England and France, not only without having been attacked by Germany and as it worked out, against American interests.The Russian Revolution occurred in October, 1917, and the New Russian Government surrendered to Germany March 23, 1918 at Brest-Litovsk, which freed the Germans to concentrate on the Western Front against only England and France.  Germany couldn’t win against them. They couldn’t win against Germany. 

Wilson brought 1 million American Troops into France and they broke the stalemate and caused the defeat of Germany.

England and France refused to allow Wilson to negotiate the terms of the Versailles Treaty. American was frozen out of the peace process, a blunder that created an oppressive peace and ten years later in September of 1938 Hitler and Stalin invaded Poland and the fighting in Europe resumed.

Wilson had caused the defeat of Germany but England and France destroyed any chance of a meaningful peace in Europe with the punishment of Germany.  Suppose however in 1917 Wilson had sided with Germany; What would have been the result of WWI?

The Communists of Russia would have been defeated by Germany and America. The U.S.S.R. would never have come into existence. The horrible Treaty of Versailles would never have happened. Hitler would never have come to power. England and France would have been defeated in 1918. France was already under German control so nothing much would have changed except things would have been better after the war. England would have become part of the German Empire but Germany was becoming more democratic with the Weimer Republic so England’, a Monarchy would have become a more Democratic nation. What’s wrong with that? Nothing.

If America had sided with Germany instead of France and England, World War II would never have happened. Think about that.

Perhaps Pearl Harbor would have happened but with no war in Europe, with no America helping England and France, America would have overwhelmed the Japanese. America with no war in Europe, the war that FDR ordered had precedence over the war against Japan, America could have won the war in the Pacific in two years by 1943, long before the invention of Nuclear Weapons. No Hiroshima, no Nagasaki.

Ten years after the end of WWI, Hitler and the NAZI’s came into existence because of the Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty came into existence because France and England won the war and dictated the horrible terms to Germany. France and England won the war because Wilson sent a million Yanks to Europe to fight against Germany with a million more coming. But Germany had done nothing against America and had repeatedly acquiesced to American demands. ……developing

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