Finally President Obama figured out a little bit about Iraq and decided to follow President George W. Bush and bomb Iraq after Obomber pulled out most of the American Military in a fit of pique which is so characteristic of America’s first totalitarian child President. He has a lot of growing up to do.

If Obama had the good sense to figure out what’s happening in the Middle East, he wouldn’t have drawn a Red Line in Syria. When Assad Bashar crossed Obama’s Red Line and Obama didn’t[t know what to do about it, President Putin called Obama and told him to say he won’t do anything if Assad promises to turn over his chemical weapons. SO Obama did what Putin told him to do but Putin made Obama pay for his advice so Putin took over the Crimea from Ukraine.

The worst President in American history, not because he’s a black man but because he hates America so much that he decided to wipe out American Jobs by opening the border and inviting in some of the third world people.

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