He didn’t start it, Lyndon Johnson probably did that, but he’s calculated he can increase the non-white population of America which will decrease the majority of white American’s until the percent of white Americans makes them a minority. He’s happy about that, otherwise he would close the Southern border.  

The War on Whites is also called Affirmative Action which is supposed to decrease the percentage of white Americans in jobs, businesses. Universities, Law, Medicine and replace whites with non-whites. Property rights and the right to their income has decreased for whites as government exercised eminent domain actions to take property from whites. The Federal Government is also buying up or simply claiming land to decrease the amount of property available to the markets.

Blacks are allowed, indeed encouraged to oust whites from their associations. Black clubs are something in which America is supposed to take pride for eliminating the results of slavery that has kept blacks down. But no American has had slaves for 150 years. Why should white people who never had slaves make up for the damage done to black people who have been dead for a centaury and a half and for which they had nothing to do? That’s only answerable in the context that white people are responsible for slavery, which they are not. Egyptians had slaves and Egypt is in Africa. If anything, whites should be paid for the 646,000 dead and wounded in the Civil War which was fought to keep America out of the slave business. If whites are to be blamed for keeping slaves they must also be credited for dying to eliminate slavery.

But that would not do for the hate America crowd who is engaging in intellectual and actual suicide as the white population of America is purposely made smaller because of the color of their skin.

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