That would be America Today under The Obama’s 

Welcome to Obama’s America. We need a new adjective to describe the Government Style in America. America is not quite a dictatorship although Obama’s Unconstitutional Rule by Executive Fiat means it is when it suits him to be Authoritarian. Neither is America a Fascist dictatorship even though Obamacare is a thoroughly Fascist law. America isn’t Communist but since the 1920’s many Communist Principles have made it into law such as Obamacare as well as Social Security. Both of those socialist based laws are high tax increases which are constitutional but they were passed “for the good of the people” which makes them clearly unconstitutional because government is supposed to protect Individual Rights, not take care of people for their own good.




It’s no surprise OBAMA’S American law was championed by first lady Michelle Obama and her “Let’s Move!” law. Because it’s a law it will be enforced by the police unless of course you are among the more equal people who are given waivers by the King. That would be Obama and Obama.

The law ordered the U.S. Department of Agriculture to set standards for all food and beverages sold during the school day. Like the dictator’s power in the Obamacare law it can grant an exemption. Without a state-approved exemption, all “treats” must meet calorie, sodium, fat and other requirements. Schools that don’t comply will be punished by fines. Unpaid fines could mean incarceration. That’s jail.

The name of Obama’s America is a Totalitarian Dictatorship. It would take a dictator to punish people for eating cookies and a totalitarian culture to agree. Welcome to the New un-Constitutional America. The Dictator will control you now.





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