From the video on the internet:…….. the President put on a show worthy of the best actor in Hollywood, a source of so much money he received from them, …..

“If Congress would jus c’mon and help out a little bit and jus stop bein’ mad all the time. Stop jus, ….jus, …… jus,  …. stop hatin all the time. C’mon. I know their not that happy I’m President but thas OK. C’mon. not I’m,….I’m,… I’ve only got a couple years left. C’mon, Les get some work done. …..”

This was a fifth grade performance by a master actor not an American President. See all the acting, an Academy Award performance, really, (Here). A President somehow is very un-Presidential when he’s fundraising in such an obvious performance. This was an act, nothing more, .. and actually quite a bit less by a phony and a fraud acting not as a President but as a street performer busy doing what he’s done best, failing to unite America. President Obama is a divider. He learned well from his Kenyan father and his white mother who he expressly began to deny when he was an adolescent. Division is the essential ability he learned and trained himself to do. He was psychologically damaged as an adolescent. The damage has not been undone. Perhaps he will self-heal as he matures. Perhaps he will get some good advice instead of campaigning against Republicans, against the Tea Parties that he caused to appear to try to get some relief from this man who has the streak of the dictator, not a uniter within him. Time may change him. He may come to realize why so many people voted for him, so many people he sees as “Hatin”.

Back in the day it was considered patriotic to work together with the other political party for the good of America but President Obama has never learned the essence of being American. He is without patriotism towards America because he’s a divider. Divide some people against other people so your group can get some benefit from the divided group while not uniting or healing.

His ideas about Israel, Hamas, ISIS, Iraq, have not promoted more unity unless it’s the unity of the anti-American attitude of more and more people in the Middle East. Obama would not use his message of Stop Hatin’ in the Middle East except he would tell Israel to stop hatin’ He’s told Israel how to handle the tunnels, leave them alone and end your occupation of Gaza even while he knew it wasn’t an occupation at all.

If he was consistent;…if he acted in accord with principles, he would tell the people of Gaza  and the aggressors in Gaza who are sending bombs into Israel daily, he would tell Hamas and the brotherhood: ….. . Stop Hatin’ Israel all the time. Stop blowin’ up your children and work together with Israel but that’s not the Obama we know.

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