The borders of Jerusalem fourteen years ago seem to be part of the reason Hamas has been bombing Israel. The division of Jerusalem between Israel and Jordan depends on the lines drawn on a map on September 28, 2000.

But the borders of Jerusalem also depend on the agreement that requires the Palestinians stop attacking Israel. It seems as simple as Israel will respect the 2000 borders and the Palestinians will not bomb Israel.

Simple, really but did the bombs from Gaza come before Israel abandoned the peace agreement?


Any peace plan for Israel would have to start with reversing the goals of Hamas, viz., the destruction of Israel. Any peace plan agreed to by Hamas or the PLO or the State of Gaza would have to stop bombs from being shot into Israel.

But no one can control the Arab Street who have no commitment to a free Israel. As soon as an agreement for peace is signed, some one fires a bomb into Israel and no one ever knows who did it. technically, there is no one nor any group that can speak with Israel and that can control every single anti-Israel guy with a weapon.

The “War Against Israel” will continue regardless of how many agreements are signed because the Arab Street simply doesn’t want peace.  The only way for peace to come to Israel at this moment, in this crisis, is for every Muslim to tell the truth and promise not to hurt Israel.  Fat chance. The bombs will continue so long as Hamas has bombs to shoot into Israel . Even if a successor gets control of Gaza, even if that successor wants to stop bombing Israel, that successor will be controlled by some guy with a shoulder mounted rocket launcher and the chances of the rocketeer being in favor of not annihilating Israel are zero.

What ‘s the moral thing to be done? That’s easy too. Stop the bombing of Israel.  

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