The Wall Street Journal editorialized President Obama blamed Washington for the troubles in America but he is Mister Washington. (Here)

Others have diagnosed the President with a psychosis: – dissociative behavior, a marker of a mind that cannot blame itself so it dissociates itself from the problem it caused. It comes from a sense of guilt although President Obama seems not to have it. That doesn’t mean he’s not guilty, just that a coping mechanism is being used by his mind to deflect the blame for the nations ills on a Congress or on Politics from himself and his role as the man in charge to make sure government is running correctly and if not to get it to run properly. that’s what he’s being paid to do. that’s the job he took on. 

Some say President Obama is simply lying. If he’s a victim of dissociative behavior or if he is in denial, that gives him excuses for believing he’s telling the truth.

The New Yorker Magazine published “The Borowitz Report” which reported, sarcastically, that President Obama used his weekly radio address “to reassure the American people that he has “played no role whatsoever” in the U.S. government over the past four years”. Noted author and comedian Andy Borowitz noted that Mr. Obama closed his address by indicating that beginning next week he would enforce what he called a “zero tolerance policy on governing”.

“If I find that any members of my Administration have had any intimate knowledge of, or involvement in, the workings of the United States government they will be dealt with accordingly.” he said.”  

Borowitz is onto Mr. Obama. Charles Krauthammer , a psychiatrist explained Mr. Obama’s behavior as dissociative, a theme that’s also been noticed by several other knowledgeable people. Mr. Obama needs some treatment.

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