Did you wonder why the furor arose against the 1992 publication of the Bell Curve, (916 pages)?

Bell Curve author Charles Murray pointed out to his critics that he and Richard Herrnstein could have made a much stronger case regarding the black-white IQ gap than they did, but they restricted their analysis to only the most mainstream science on the topic of intelligence, often regerred to as “g”.

In 1997 “Why Race Matters” by Michael Levin, 442 pages, is that much stronger case. Like Herrnstein and Murray, Levin also relies on mainstream literature regarding the black-white IQ gap, but expands on it, and he covers race differences other than IQ, e.g. time preference and impulse control. Michael Levin is a philosopher by training, but his knowledge of psychometrics, math, and genetics is impressive. Levin devotes the first third of the book presenting evidence that much of the black-white IQ gap is genetic in origin. He also astutely points out that the Liberal argument against intelligence itself amd therefore against the very idea that there is a gap between black and white people is fictitious, false and 100% environmental in origin relies on finding flaws in studies that indicate intelligence is caused by one’s genes. i.e., genetic causation. Their argument is that absence of evidence (for high black intelligence) is not evidence of absence. However, in some cases absence of evidence is evidence of absence. If for example, Santa Claus exists, it is very likely that someone would have spotted him by now. That no one has, thus, should be considered evidence that Santa Claus does not exist. Likewise, Levin states “evidence for the equal intelligence of the races would presumably exist were the races in fact equal, and be prominently cited by the many social scientists who passionately believe they are.” That no such evidence exists places the burden of proof on Liberals to make the case for racial equality. The case against racial equality presented by Levin is devastating to the Liberals ideas.

Rather than looking for ways to help people live together influential Liberals seem more determined than ever to freeze out the intelligent.
Levin discusses values, crime, aggressiveness, impulsiveness, lack of concern of the future, justice, affirmative action and how white people pay for the myriad welfare programs that do not benefit smart or white people but forces them to pay for the sins and shortcomings of others. That’s immoral but hey, ..no one said or promised it’s a moral world. .
Authur R. Jensen wrote: “The g Factor: The Science of Mental Ability” (664 pages) in 1998 which along with The Bell Curve and Why Race Matters roll up all argument against the idea of intelligence and it’s value to human flourishing.
Why Race Matters is a fascinating read that would be difficult to summarize briefly. Levin ends the book with a fictitious address by a future president of the United States acknowledging that after ~50 years of pretending otherwise, we must finally come to accept and deal with the reality of racial differences. If you enjoyed the Bell Curve, this book is also a must-read.

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