The anti-Semitic politically correct Mainstream Media cleaned up after Hamas by minimizing their bombing of Israel. Hamas is “shooting missiles” sounds somehow more civilized than reporting “Israel was bombed”. Same for Hamas fired several rockets into Israel yesterday but they didn’t hit any people. That sounds wonderfully neutral instead of reporting Hamas bombed Israel several times yesterday.

Imagine how sanguine WWII would have sounded if the press reported that Germany sent rockets to Israel instead of reporting London was bombed.

Hamas is never portrayed as the attacker; as the aggressor or as the one who started the war against Israel. No. That’s too judgmental. Hamas has the same moral standing in the Liberal press as any Rabbi in Israel, which is preposterous.

Hamas announced it want’s to kill every Jew, especially those in Israel. The media want’s to appear neutral so it goes out of it’s way to support Hamas and condemn Israel often portraying Israel which has been bombed for decades by Hamas; by the PLA; and by Hezbollah, as the reason Hamas is angry.

It’s a brazen set of lies to elevate Hamas, a terror organization only interested in murdering all Jews to the level of Israel. In fact, Hamas is worse than the old Soviet Union because the Soviet Union never set goals for it’s atrocities. Hamas amazingly does that.

But the hypocritical press is happy when it can report that Israel dropped bombs on houses in Gaza.

World over, the press is against Israel. A very small nation, not much larger than New jersey has been bombed by Hamas over a thousand times since 2010. It’s time to stop the bombs from Gaza and the only practical way to do that is to stop the people who bomb Israel.  

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