Eastern Ukraine has some people, perhaps most, who speak Russian. Many people especially Vladimir Putin think Eastern Ukraine should be part of Russia again. Nonsense. That’s like saying Mexico belongs to Spain because there are lots of people in Mexico who speak Spanish. Or that America belongs to England because Americans speak English, just like England does.

Ukraine has a chance to join other productive nations like Poland where the Polish economy is triple Ukraine’s because of the relatively free market in Poland. Per capita GDP is $20,900 in Poland and only $7,500 in Ukraine.

 If the Ukrainian people want to improve their lives they should stay away from Russia. Buy oil and gas from Europe, America or anywhere but from Russia where oil, gas and coal come with strings attached to the costs.

If Eastern Ukraine want’s to join Russia, so what? That will leave Western Ukraine with bigger markets and once they get free from Russia, Western Ukraine will become prosperous like their neighbors the Poles.

Even Eastern Ukraine doesn’t really want to join Russia. That’s why Russia and the Russian military is using force to destroy places like Donetsk.

Ukrainians are not stupid. They want to get as far from Russia as possible and to join the non-barbarians against those who are inflicting themselves on the Eastern Ukrainians like they did in Crimea. The solution to the Ukrainian crisis is for All of Ukraine to stay as far from Russia and Putin as possible but they are going to have to resist Putin on their own. It may be impossible for Eastern Ukraine to defend itself from Putin but for their own sake they should try as hard as possible to do it. Europe and America can help but they won’t. American President Barack Obama has retired from the Presidency, he just hasn’t made any announcement yet.

Europe is frightened of Russia. Together they could form a coalition to resist Russia but to do that would require something lacking in Western Europe, courage.

So poor Ukraine is on it’s own. Too bad all around.   


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