The Bucks County Courier Times newspaper exposed over $2.5 trillion in debt that’s benn run up by local governments in Bucks and Eastern Montgomery counties. Open a public bank was offered as the only solution. That’s a surprising solution to solve a $2 Trillion plus debt run up by the local school teachers in Bucks and Montgomery counties. Critics say publicly owned government banks: stymie competition, slow the pace of economic growth and can fall prey to political corruption. The local guru agreed but….

He has no solution to the problem of giving a bank to the people who want more tax money. Nowhere in the article, an article well worth reading because it exposes some of the problems of government when it gets control of the tax money, no where does it mention the spending that causes the debt that causes the tax hikes that ruin some of the people especially seniors on small budgets who just cannot pay the additional taxes and so they lose their homes to the taxes, i.e., to the government.

It’s an age old problem. Politicians enter government determined to steal. Perhaps there are some who want to serve the public but they get crushed by the people who want to steal tax money. Oh, they’re very smart, clever and cunning about it. Spending is always justified on the bible. “It’s the moral thing to do” they tell people. Since when is theft based on the bible? It’s not. They know it but the scam seems to work so easy and they get away with more money than Jesse James did robbing banks.

Corrupt people get into government for the same reason Willie Sutton gave when asked why he robbed banks? “That’s where the money is”, he said. He was right. So is the Courier.

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