In the beginning 13 States controlled the Federal Government. They refused to permit the Feds to rule over them but over time the Federal Government became much more powerful than the states.

The power of the States was weakened as more States were added to the wrongly named “Union”. The Civil War increased the Illicit Federal Control by defeating The Confederacy, a group of States that were ineffective in controlling the Federal Expansion.

Propaganda, always an effective tool for bad as well as good worked to get Americans to favor Altruism, that is the sacrifice of ones self to the Powerful Federal Government. 

How effective is government propaganda? It has people accepting the Obama War On Energy which has succeeded in banning Coal. Oil is a target too as the Federal Government keeps increasing the cost of gasoline to turn people away from cars. Obama would be happier if he could force his enemies to walk to work or ride a bicycle.

Obama has destroyed many more individual freedom’s with his actions than Hillary but that’s because Hillary isn’t in charge yet. 


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