Of course Illegal Immigrants should be returned or punished. There’s no counter argument to that solution. There should be a fence but, …


The goal of America needs to be changed from “Welfare For All” to  “Friends of Businesses” measured by the number of un-filled jobs instead of the number of unemployed people. At the moment that’s deeply negative. There is no excess of jobs.


The current unemployment rate, in excess of 32% when the number of government workers is added to the unemployed as well as adding in the number of unemployed who are not counted in the Propaganda Unemployment Rate.

If America becomes Friendly To Business America would be soon short of people instead of short of jobs.

But that’s impossible in the altruist/mystic/welfare set of Federal and State governments.

Part of the problem is business people are also mostly altruist/mystic/welfare supporters.


Federal Regulations, Laws and time wasting tax prep has “De-Freedomized” America.

 The Left including the Business People is so wrong on so many issues that America has become more like Stalin’s Russia than pre-WWII America. 

America today is the bad result of FDR, one of Freedom’s Great Enemies. Perhaps he meant well or perhaps he died too soon but America lurched further Left as a result of his leadership.

 Roosevelt should have followed Churchill’s advice to keep attacking until communism fell too.

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