Terrorists should be protected by their victims. That’s the premise behind the American Left’s War On America.

There are books, movies and op ed pieces that hold America responsible for fighting without secrecy and any deviation from that policy according to the Pelosi’s, the Reid’s and the American Left means America is not fighting terrorism correctly. 

America must fight “Fair” they bellow while ignoring centuries of history. America must not use secrecy to ferret out terrorism because America has an open system. America violates that system when America targets and kills terrorists by for example drones because they don’t give the terrorists a chance to escape.

One American citizen worked hard to kill Americans he claimed were War Criminals. When he was targeted and killed the Left went nuts and blamed the President.

That’s some of the nonsense in Jeremy Scahill’s book that has been glorified by the American Left including awards given to him and his book for “exposing” some of the secret parts of the war being fought by Americans against terrorists. As though the Palestinian Black September gang that murdered the Israeli Olympic Athletes at Munich in 1972 followed the Geneva Convention or Osama binLadin was helped by heaven itself on 9/11. Should America do to others as they do to Americans? No. But torture is not defined anywhere in Scahill’s book. Maybe he knows it when he see’s it but stripping enemy combatants  naked and keeping the lights on at night is hardly torture.

WWII assassinated 60 million people. Scahill is upset because some American assassinated some terrorists, as though America soldiers are not supposed to kill people during a war. Scahill and many other Lefties call war killing “assassinations” if Bush, Cheney or Rumsfield  orders American’s to attack people bent on killing Americans. Meanwhile the real assassinations, like 9/11 and the IUD’s used by America’s battlefield enemies gets the Iraqi’s, Palestinians and Afghani’s who are shooting at and blowing up Americans called people who want peace but America got them annoyed when Americans shot back.

Assassination during war is called a War Casualty. WWII caused 60 million causalities, Scahill  would call then assassinations only if Americans kill the enemy.  

Scahill misses the entire point of war, viz., to kill the enemy. His books attack the morality of individual American actions but miss the terrorists who are murdering from the shadows.

9/11 was a terrorist operation but Scahill almost wants to have an American soldier get permission for each bullet fired to be sure the terrorists human rights are protected. In his Leftist World, no American can kill a terroristswithout advance permission from a judge  in open court because the killing might be against the Constitution or the rules of nature.

Scahill suffers from the common mind-set of the American Progressive movement which holds America to be an immoral, imperialistic culture run by a series of dictators intent on destroying the individual rights of each terrorist. He provides detailed research about his false premise. That’s no reason to support him or his goffy ideas by buying his book.

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