She travelled to a thousand countries but why? She accomplished nothing.

The Secretary of State is not America’s Ambassador. Ambassadors are appointed to each country so Hillary didn’t have to visit any country for America’s Ambassador to be there.

What did she do? There were plenty of International troubles and trouble spots. Hillary  must have visited every one during her 112 officially logged visits but why did she go to 112 countries? She should have travelled less and done something.

Hillary didn’t do anything substantive while serving four years in a global job.

She re-arranged lots of things but the Secretary of State is supposed to advance the ball by increasing America’s interests.

Hillary was involved with Benghazi and that was not only a disaster, four men were murdered.

Hillary was involved with the biggest cover-up during Obama’s reign. Before the cover-up she lied about it’s cause. the cover-up is still going on.

Neither Hillary nor President Obama ever told the truth about the video that was inserted into the Benghazi murders.

Hillary too the blame for the Benghazi killings but not for the video. She just won’t come clean. Too bad there’s not a male Monica Lewinsky to get the truth behind the Benghazi cover-up.  

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