State Secrets must be kept. Often lies must be told to protect a secret operation like the bin Laden raid. So diplomats get good at stretching the truth, changing the subject, being evasive and when all else fails, just lying about an issue.

But diplomats like Hillary mix politics with their official duties. Their political needs often come first, the duties of the job next and the duty to the American people last. the solution is simple. Don’t do politics when you have been elected or appointed and expecially don’t spend America’s time and money to help your personal political business.

Hillary is an example. While at The Dept. of State she frequently did politics. Hillary is first a politician. She’s been running for President since Obama’s re-election campaign. She was campaigning during every trip an as often as it was needed.

Hillary used government issued cell phones. She made political phone calls when Bill was Presidentl while Obama was president and while she was paid by the people. Hillary was on the stump during every election, period.


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