When you cannot spend your money as you please you aren’t free. It’s sort of like being pregnant. Almost pregnant isn’t pregnant just as almost free is not free.

Totalitarianism is recognized as 100% control of each person by government but even a totalitarian culture has some freedom. No one however would say China or Cuba are free.

Capitalism is a political system based on Freedom. A culture identified as part Capitalism is not capitalism at all but some bastardized system based on too much government, authoritarian force, eminent domain, the public good, control of speech, control of guns but not freedom.

Government works it’s wiles on a culture and shapes it as it desires. America is an example where there is freedom, controls, regulation and requirements to stay out of jail or remain free from punishment but that’s a mixed economy, not a Capitalistic one. America for about 140 years was much more free than it is today.

A secular culture has no more chance to be free than a religious one as long as the people are deceived. No religious based culture ever discovered freedom.

Many secular cultures are likewise encumbered with ideas that destroy the individuals who live under them.

What’s needed for a capitalistic culture to thrive? Rule of Law, Reason, Liberty and the protection of Liberty by government, by the culture and by each individual.

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