So what’s the big deal if Hillary’s inner circle is women.? Woman’s issues are important. Women are not well-represented in Government, except for school boards, governorships, Congress, the Senate and Hillary’s squads for everything.

Hillary’s problem is with men’s issues. She’s out to lunch about men.

Sure, she’s Bills wife but she hated Obama, Kennedy, Harry Reid, Rudy Giuliani, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, …. well, you get the picture.

Fair and balanced she’s not. Equal Opportunity? Not Hilla. Is she a closet lesbian? That would explain some of her attitudes against men but no, she’s hetero.

Men were never a priority for Hillary. Her attitude towards women is they are better than men and men should be punished for not going along with her. From an early age she could have used makeup, a hair styling, some lipstick and some designer eyeglass frames but not Female but Unfeminine Hillary, Champion of Women to the detriment of men.

Her achievements at State? She accomplished nothing substantive. She claims she supported women’s issues. Big deal. These days so does everyone else.

Hillary’s talent is smoozing women and tolerating men.

She would be unable to be a leader of all the people. Just as President Obama favors black’s over whites, Hillary would favor women over men. That’s not good. 

Hillary ordered iPads and Smart phones for the diplomatic corps. Big deal. President Obama gave them away for free all over America. She didn’t buy them as gifts, she demanded and got them for free, that is no cost to her. Not a penny.

She fired the White House Travel Office then covered up her role. Her first cover-up as First Lady. Benghazi is her latest but history advises not her last.


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