She has integrated loads Technology into her campaign to raise money from Rich Liberals, the Left-Wing Media, Hollywood and especially in the Rare Air of International by hiring plenty of Obama’s Technology operators.

Hillary learned that the same tools of Technology that were used in American Elections could work Internationally. the Twitter-verse worked for Putin in Crimea. It’s working in Odessa and Donetsk and it’s been used by Putin even more than Obama.

Welcome to the New Age Technology instead of Military.

It’s no secret that President Obama and the Clintons abhor the Military. Iraq has been evacuated of American troops and the Iraq Re-Revolution of Al-Qaida and Hamas is against in control. Why?

Free smart phones from bin Ladin helped defeat the West in Iraq. They helped Putin Coordinate the Troops he sent into Crimea. They worked to de-stabilize Ukraine and are working in Odessa where it’s better to leave than stay and be mauled by a bear.

Hillary learned at State to use The Power of Technology instead of old-school direct face to face diplomacy.

According to Wikipedia, Media Matters started with a $2 million “donation” plus George Soros money from MM is a Progressive Destruction scheme that declared a “War On Fox”. 

The Battle for President Hillary has far more left wing support than the Ukranian takeover by Putin and we know how well that went.

Can Hillary Lose?

She’s the front-runner early on and front runners can run out of power. Hillary however is not yet really running so she’s a front runner who is out front almost automatically.

But nothing about Hillary’s campaign is automatic. She’s one of the most experienced leaders from behind on the planet. Everyone knows her name. She’s a multi-millionaire. She’s the face of politics. She’s Left Wing in a left wing country and she’s been working to become the First Woman President since Wellesley where her commencement address received a seven minute standing ovation.

Hillary is used to success and she’s determined to be all-in for the 2016 Presidential Election.

Knowing that she would turn 70 during her first year in office the Republicans can expect one of the most energetic campaign’s America has ever seen. So far, it looks like Hillary can’t lose. 

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