The numbers don’t lie, or do they? The latest Unemployment Report from The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not count people not looking for a job as unemployed. They claim the unemployment rate is 6.3%.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics Unemployment Rate is a big fib. Here’s why.

If the 6.3% Unemployment Rate is true, the population of the United States would be 1.47 Billion. that’s larger than the entire population of China which is 1.35 Billion. The Population of America is only 155 million.

Let me repeat that: THE POPULATION OF AMERICA IS: 316 MILLION. China has 4.65 times as many people as America.

If 6.3% of the American Population were unemployed there would be 19.9 million people out of work. there are 92.5 million out of work.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has been changing the so called Unemployment Rate to make the numbers look like more people are working or fewer people are unemployed.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics under-reports the unemployment rate by 465%. The actual Unemployment rate is 4.65 times larger than the reported 6.3%. You can prove that by noticing that 4.65 is the difference in the populations of China and America.

4.65 times 6.3% is the true Unemployment Rate in America. It’s 29.3%.

Government has been spectacularly unsuccessful in creating jobs.

The number of un-employed is obscene. The lying from government about the unemployed is also obscene. The people doing the lying are obscene.



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