Here are Stormy and Karen McDougal who are very very desirable females who took advantage of their appearance to earn money. Many men apparently spent money to avail themselves of what nature bestowed upon them.

Karen was a Playmate 21 years ago, in 1988. Daniels was a stripper. There are allegations Donald Trump was involved with payments to both women. Yeah, surprise there, what? Who would think of paying women for acting like women?

Playboy model free to discuss Trump 'affair'

Blame nature for causing men to act like they do towards women and for causing women to act like women towards men. The lines of paying women are narrow or broad, depending on one’s view of their nature. One thing for certain, the drive in males to obtain females runs through all of the natural world. It is difficult to address the moral code to regulate and control what nature decreed. Sex is not a strange idea when it comes to buying it. Willing seller and willing buyer is the classic idea of trade. What’s wrong with that?

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