In his latest book Justice Stevens exposes his totalitarian mindset. He want’s to change the Constitution to make people obey more.

Obedience is to a totalitarian government like air is for breathing. Obedience cannot be separated from power and Stevens want’s more of both.

Just obey him and everything will be fine is the simple message Stevens hides within his book.

It’s published by Hatchette books and it’s a hatchet job on freedom. Stevens should be arrested for his attempted assassination of the Constitution.

Stevens doesn’t write about Liberty but control. He wants more efficient government but there is no such thing. Government is force, not efficiency.

A winning military is the most powerful one, not the most efficient. A battle commander want’s to know how many tanks he has, not how much each one costs.

For people who wield power, more is better. Stevens wants more power. We want some of our lost Liberty back. Nuts to you and your book Justice Stevens.


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