“After The Ball” was published in 1989. Doug Mainwaring wrote “Same Sex Marriage, ‘Thoroughly Tiresome’ by design”, in 2014, twenty five years after the book was published. Mainwaring makes a convincing case that Gay Marriage happened because “After The Ball” laid out what had to happen to make Gay Marriage happen.

“After The Ball”  may be the original plan that moved gay’s out of the closet; made them acceptable to mainstream America and is responsible for causing the approvel of gays getting married without fear or consequence. The same ‘plan’ was followed by African Americans. There are crucial differences but there are startling parallels too.  

America is not yet as accepting of gays or black people, – the cries of “Racist” and “Homophobe” are routinely heard on TV everyday, as gays or blacks would want. Even the election of an African American President hasn’t stopped many people from continuing to be uncomfortable around black Americans but obviously the 24/7 drumbeat from Hollywood and from the Progressives has made African Americans far more accepted than they were in the days of Jim Crow. Of course the continuing success of some amazing black people has increased the acceptance of black people. There are far fewer gays. Mainwaring says gays are 1.7% of the population, so numerically there are fewer stories but gay marriage proves the point that gays are far more accepted than they were 25 years ago.

Gay acceptance travelled at Warp Speed compared to the snails pace of acceptance of black people in America. Perhaps some gay people didn’t know about “After The Ball” so they didn’t follow the plan. That’s likely but it’s begging the question. Events followed the plan. Gay Marriage, to cite one example of a reversal of attitude is here to stay even as the author of the brief summary of events, who is also gay writes his analysis of what happened. What happened is gay marriage.

Neither gay’s nor blacks are satisfied. A look around will show some attitudes won’t ever change. But most people in America at least, have accepted both gays and blacks far more than their parents. And the children of the millennials will accept them even more.

One theory about what happened is explained in Mainwarings article. He claims it was Propaganda and he seems to prove it because Gay Marriage has been established as a Right in America. “After the Ball” remains a seminal work because it laid out a comprehensive plan to establish the “normalcy” of gays and lesbians and secure broader acceptance and rights.  More happened than the book. The Stonewall Riots happened 55 years ago. It is argued that was the breakout event that began the gay rights movements.

Back to “After The Ball”. The manifesto was laid out by a pair of Harvard graduates.  Marshall Kirk (class of 1980) who became a researcher in neuropsychiatry and Hunter Madsen (class of 1985) who received his degree in Politics and went on to work on Madison Avenue and become an expert in public persuasion tactics and social marketing.


Mainwaring continues: Today, twenty-five years after its publication, what is most striking about their work is this:  Their ambitious plan, with a few verb tense changes, could be repackaged and sold as a History book, presenting a very accurate picture of what we have all witnessed happening over the last quarter century. Perhaps the only aspect of the plan that can be faulted just a little is its timeline.  It took twenty five years, not ten, to achieve its goals. Not bad.  Still an A+.

American folklore tells us that a young Yale student named Fred Smith penned a paper for an economics class in the early 1960’s outlining an overnight delivery service for the computer information age.  That paper, rumored to have received a C+, became FedEx.

The success of the plan laid out in After the Ball parallels that of FedEx, only it was not a business plan; it was a wildly successful social psychology/marketing plan.  And it has changed American society every bit as much as FedEx has, and in the long run, probably far more. Read the rest of the article HERE.



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