Obama has been bad for America but Senator Marco Rubio said at the RNC: “Obama’s a good father”.

No, he’s not. A father needs good values, otherwise the children are not well-fathered. Look at this video.http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/BdjoHA5ocwU?rel=0

Obama announced the formation of “African-American’s for Obama” But America is not African-American America. This is America. Why didn’t he announce “American’s for Obama”?

How could he be a good father when he wants to divide African-American’s away from the rest of the people in America?  When he puts those wrong ideas in the minds of his children he is neither good nor a good father. He is a wealthy father. He is sending his children to expensive private schools where they will be isolated from a lot of America. Perhaps they will receive better values than their father can give them. We all hope so but it takes values, not just dollars to father children.

Many people believe Obama is a oddball.  He was raised mostly by his maternal grandparents in Hawaii. So far as is known he had no contact with his Kenyan grandparents and he also went to school in Indonesia.

Based on her senior thesis at Princeton he married a troubled and intellectually narrow woman. They respect and hang out with a small cadre of extreme Left ideologues who support the ideas of the Left and those ideas run against the ideas and ideals of America. America and all cultures work best when the culture is an almalgam of different cultures but the formation of an African American;s fior Obama runs counter to the basic ideas of America. anti-American ideas. They are dangerous to America because of those ideas. Those ideas as she presented some of them at the Convention make her a lousy mother just like her husband.

How could Obama be a good father when he wants to divide African-American fathers away from fathers, mothers and children of all other cultures? If he’s putting those wrong ideas in the minds of his two children he is neither good nor a good father. Michelle agrees with him so she’s not a good mother either.

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