This isn’t the Republican Party Platform. You’ll have to find that on your own. This isn’t even a recap because it’s 31,000 words. The Democratic Party Platform is a bit shorter at 26,000. The differences are stunning. The Republicans want to do just about everything you think they want to do like respect the rule of law, support self-reliance, independence from government, lessening regulations, lowering taxes, reducing reliance on welfare, increasing personal freedoms, lowering the cost to build and repair bridges and other infrastructure, repealing the death tax, making it easier, far easier to export American products, stop retroactive taxation, stop HyperTaxation, …… it goes on and it’s fundamentally opposed to the welfare state. a state that has eliminated the Lower Class and replaced it with the permanently poor. The Democrats have hollowed out the middle class and demonized Upper Income Amerians so much that many people have a knee-jerk reaction against money and rich people. They do not however hate money if it’s collected and re-distributed. The Democrats are serious about elimininating the classes. Like Marx and other big government supporters, they envision the prolitariot controlled by the elite. They see themselves as the elite.

The Republicans oppose Agenda 21, the Democrats support it and want it’s effects increased in America. What’s Agenda 21? A United Nations movement against private property. The Republicans are against Bigger Government. The Democrats are against the Republicans. The key difference is the Republicans support Liberty. The Democrats always say they do but act to lessen Liberty. That’s what big government means.

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