Most Liberals enjoy the good life when they are in charge of Congress and the Presidency. Hopefully, with the disgraceful conduct of their President both abroad and domestically they will finally see the wrong direction their favorite Progressive leader has been travelling and begin the painful process of admitting their big mistake in helping elect President Obama. His muslim roots and anti-American upbringing have become so blatant that even the most hardened Left Winger should realize what must be done to reverse the disrespect for America that President Obama has been promoting. His gift to King Abdullah took five months to make. Credit: <em>Saudi Gazette</em>

Credit: Saudi Gazette

Suliaman Cook, a representative of noted Arab American international calligraphist Muhammed Zakryia, said it took the calligrapher five months to produce his masterpiece, according to Al-Watan Arabic daily. President Obama gave the Pope some vegetable seeds from the White House garden. Put that in perspective. Which gift was more important? Which world leader does the American President favor more? The nightmare reign of President Obama still has 28 more months to run. Who will he insult next? How many more world leaders will he torment?  


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